Skid Steer Loader for sale

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17 May 2023
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Skid Steer Loader for sale TM65B, TM75B, TM100B, TM120B skid steer loader is a heavy-duty skid steer loader launched by us. The whole machine adopts a high-power engine to increase the flow of the whole machine and meet the requirements of more machines. The whole machine has an enlarged wheelbase to ensure stability and safety under high loads. It is mainly used in heavy-duty operating conditions such as the domestic snow removal market and municipal maintenance.
Main Features
1. High configuration series. These series skid loaders adopt Germany Rexroth brand high pressure plunge type variable pump and single or double speed hydraulic travel motor. The main components such as gear pumps, multi-way valve, joystick valve, leveling valve etc are all imported from Europe and America
2. Adopting new plate type welding lifting arm which is stronger and durable. The loading capacity is bigger than normal type. The dumping cylinder can be fitted max. model 100/50. The max. break force is more than 3tons. Luxury cabin use below molding interior which is beautiful and comfortable
3. Joystick control system with our own patent can be adjusted for operating distance. It is suitable for different person. The rear radiator adopts rotary structure, it is a great improvement for the maintenance ability
4. Adopting hydraulic high flow output. Normal flow is 80L/min, the high flow can be 140L/min. It can match all kinds of attachments requirements.
5. Optional equipments: A/C, Cabin fitted with a standard heater, Backhoe, Breaker, Angle blade, Auger, Sweeper, Pallet fork, Combination Bucket, Mower, Asphalt Cutter and so on
Main Specifications
Rated Operating Load (kg)950105012001500
Max. Travel Speed (km/h)121212.1812.18
Hydraulic Standard Flow (L/min)80808080
Hydraulic High flow (L/min)
Tyre Model12-16.512-16.512-16.512-16.5
Engine ModelXinchai 498Xinchai 498TWeichai WP4.1Weichai WP4.1
Rated power (Kw)555574103
Furl Tank Capacity (L)75759090
Operating Weight(kg)3350350035503600
Bucket Capacity (M3)
Overall Operating Height (mm)4000407040704070
Height to Bucket Hinge Pin (mm)3100315031503150
Height to top of Cabin (mm)2160216021602160
Height to Bottom of Level Bucket (mm)2933298329832983
Overall Length without Bucket (mm)2750288028802880
Overall Length with Bucket (mm)3490358035803580
Dumping Angle at Maximum Height (%)40404040
Dumping Height (mm)2400245024502450
Dumping Reach (mm)750700700700
Rollback of Bucket on Ground (%)30303030
Rollback of Bucket at Full Height (%)104104104104
Ground Clearance (mm)205205205205
Angel of Departure (%)20202020
Front Turning Radius without Bucket (mm)1204125012781278
Front Turning Radius (mm)2030211221442144
Rear Turning Radius (mm)1706177418571857
Rear Axles to Bumper (mm)1082108210821082
Tread Width, Centerline to Centerline (mm)150015001500150